Embark on a Mediterranean odyssey
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Embark on a Mediterranean odyssey and let the splendor of the sea rewrite your definition of an unforgettable journey. Imagine combining the serenity of coastal charm with the rich tapestry of historic treasures, all while navigating the azure embrace of the Mediterranean. Picture this: your voyage starts with the magical collision of past and present in Barcelona, sails along the storied paths of Tuscany and Rome, and ends with the romantic whispers of Venice. Each stop is not just a destination—it’s a chapter in your very own sea saga, where each wave unwraps another layer of a world you thought you knew.

Become the protagonist of a narrative that’s been unfurling for centuries, set against backdrops that poets and painters have struggled to justly define. Chart a course from the cobbled streets of Barcelona to the floating allure of Venice and all the hidden gems in between. Take a moment—doesn’t the mere thought tantalize your sense of adventure?

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Key Takeaways

  • Dive into the rich heritage and vibrant culture of Barcelona’s iconic Gothic Quarter as your journey begins.
  • Immerse yourself in the artistic grandeur of the Tuscan landscape and Rome’s colossal history.
  • Experience the embodiment of luxury Mediterranean travel with all-inclusive amenities aboard the storied Viking Sea.
  • Explore the coastal charm and historical wonders of the French Riviera, the fabled Ionian Sea, and the mythic shores of Greece.
  • Let the enduring romance and intricate canals of Venice culminate your sea saga into a treasure trove of memories.

Charting Your Course: The Lure of a Mediterranean Cruise

Imagine embarking on a Mediterranean cruise, where the voyage itself becomes an epic narrative spanning the lush landscapes of Spain to the storied streets of Croatia. Welcome aboard the Viking Sea, a vessel where luxury Mediterranean travel is not just a passage, but a grand experience peppered with cultural gems and all-encompassing service, port taxes & fees included, of course.

As you navigate through cobalt waters, each port of call invites you to explore Mediterranean destinations with a complimentary shore excursion, designed to immerse you in the locale. From the quaint villages of Monaco to the Grecian temples, your story unfolds with authenticity and exclusive access.

Let’s not overlook the amenities that adorn your journey: with free Wi-Fi connecting you to the world when you wish, and a smorgasbord of specialty beverages to clink to a sunset over Sicily. Engage your palate with fine dining experiences, each course paired with regional wines that echo the terroir of your travels. It’s not just a meal; it’s a masterclass in Mediterranean flavors.

Hearken to the voice of history through the ship’s resident historian, who brings bygone eras to life through tales of the Roman Empire and musings on the Italian Renaissance. It’s a virtual time machine, one with comfortable seating and panoramic sea views.

You’re not simply a traveler; you’re an explorer, tracing the routes of ancient mariners, with the comforts of today’s luxury at your fingertips.
  • Enrich your mind and spirit with iconic lectures, as the Mediterranean’s past echoes through its waters.
  • Extend your adventure by choosing pre or post cruise options, delving even deeper into the many charms of European grandeur.
  • Relish in the seamless opulence provided by Viking’s renowned hospitality, because you deserve nothing less.

Ready your heart and journal, for each day is a fresh page, and every destination is an inspiration. Choose your Mediterranean tale, and let it be nothing short of legendary.

Embark on a Mediterranean odyssey: Barcelona’s Beginnings

Imagine beginning your Mediterranean vacation packages adventure in the sun-kissed streets of Barcelona, Spain. It’s here where your senses awaken, enveloped by a city as varied and vibrant as the landscape that cradles it. An opening chapter to your story, drenched in history, culture, and art, Barcelona—your first dot on the map—sets the stage for an unforgettable experience.

Immerse in the Gothic Quarter

Step into the shadowy lanes of the Gothic Quarter and feel the whispers of the Middle Ages. Here, Barcelona’s heart beats a deep, rhythmic cadence, echoing through ancient stones. As you wander, allow the rich tapestry of Catalonia’s Roman legacy to unfold around you, a perfect backdrop for an exploratory Las Ramblas stroll.

The Architectural Wonders of Gaudí

Witness the imagination come to life in the awe-inspiring masterpieces of Antoni Gaudí. His unique interpretation of Catalan Modernism has left an indelible mark on Barcelona. Gaudí’s architecture claims the cityscape as its canvas, his visionary buildings such as the soaring La Sagrada Família piercing the sky with their intricate designs and organic forms.

Savoring Barcelona’s Culinary Delights

No Mediterranean odyssey is complete without the joy of taste. And in Barcelona, an encounter with tapas sampling becomes a rite of passage. Pulsating with life, the city’s eateries offer savory morsels that weave together the diverse threads of its cultural fabric. Each bite, from the rustic to the refined, is a testament to the city’s gastronomic flair.

Your Itinerary HighlightStart With…Don’t Miss…End Your Day By…
Daytime ExplorationA walk through the Cathedral of the Holy CrossThe stone labyrinth of the Gothic QuarterEnjoying a cool drink at Plaça Reial
Architectural PilgrimageAdmiring Casa Batlló’s façadeA tour inside La Sagrada FamíliaWatching sunset from Park Güell
Gastronomic AdventureSampling patatas bravas in a local bodegaExploring La Boqueria MarketDining on fresh seafood paella

With the commencement of your sojourn in Barcelona, you’ve dipped your toes in the rich waters of a city teeming with marvels both old and new. As the sun sets on your first day, rest assured, this is only the appetizer. The full course of your Mediterranean odyssey awaits, each destination more savory than the last.

Maritime Majesty: Exploring the French Riviera

Picture yourself whisked away to a sublime stretch of coastline where luxury and charisma fuse effortlessly with the gentle wash of the Mediterranean Sea. Your Mediterranean adventure tours escort you to the heart of unparalleled elegance along the storied shores of the French Riviera.

A fusion of the old world and the en vogue await at Marseille France, a gateway to the quintessence of maritime allure. Can you sense the past mingling with the present as you explore the cobbled paths that hem in the historic Old Port?

Charm of Marseille’s Historic Old Port

Dive deep into the vibrant Vieux Port (Old Port) of Marseille, where yachts bob alongside fishermen’s boats in a ballet on the blue. The aroma of the sea commingles with that of roasting coffee and fresh pastries. You’re in the heart of Marseille—a place so vibrant that it seems to dance.

Indulge in bouillabaisse sampling by the waterfront, savoring the rich flavors of the local delicacy, a testament to the Mediterranean’s bountiful harvest. You’re not just trying a dish; you’re experiencing a legacy steeped in Marseille’s salt-sprayed identity.

Opulence in Monte Carlo: Princes and Palaces

As your focus shifts from France to the lap of luxury, anticipate the splendor of Monte Carlo Monaco, where wealth and whim find harmony. Step into a world of high stakes and high society within the ornate walls of the Casino de Monte-Carlo. Outside, the harbor boasts a spectacle of affluence with yachts so grand they seem like floating mansions. Here, under the watchful grace of the Prince’s Palace, opulence isn’t just visible; it’s a lifestyle.

Indeed, your Mediterranean odyssey is incomplete without a promenade down the sun-kissed pathways of the French Riviera. From the historical embrace of Marseille’s Old Port to the glittering play of light on Monaco’s luxurious horizon, your soul is bound to be enraptured. The adventure is more than a sightseeing spree; it’s a voyage into the heart of maritime majesty.

Tuscan Treasures: Italy’s Artistic Heartland

Imagine, if you will, sauntering through the sun-kissed tapestry of Tuscany, amidst a canvas where olive groves bow to the weight of their fruit and cobblestone paths tell tales of a bygone era. It’s here that the Mediterranean island hopping adventure transcends into an art and architecture exploration, with Florence Pisa Livorno Italy etching itself into your travel anthology.

Now, picture the streets of Florence: they resonate with Tuscany’s Renaissance touch, whispering secrets from the lips of Michelangelo and Botticelli. Behold, as you step into a realm filled with masterpieces, where each fresco, sculpture, and painting invites you to traverse this epicenter of culture.

Press on to Pisa, where you tilt your head not in confusion but in awe of the architectural wonder that is the Leaning Tower. Yes, snap that photo — who could resist? While in Livorno, let the seaside breeze guide you through bustling markets and along historic fortresses.

‘In Tuscany, landscapes as intoxicating as its Chianti fill your vision, Romance breathes in each Piazza, and artistry reveals itself in every shadow.’

Feast on the allure of Tuscan flavors, where every meal is a hearty embodiment of the land’s bounteous harvest. The region’s esteemed culinary and vinicultural traditions are not just a treat but a voyage for your palate and a rite of passage for any globetrotter.

  • Stroll down to Florence’s Piazza della Signoria at twilight and bask in the golden glow.
  • Dip your bread in the most exquisite olive oil, as golden as Tuscany’s own sun.
  • Join a wine tasting adventure and let the robust reds and crisp whites narrate their vintage stories.

Surrender your senses to the Tuscan experience. Let its artistry tangle with the threads of your spirit, and may you carry the essence of Italy’s heartland with you, long after your Mediterranean escapades have ceased to kiss the horizon.

Rome: A Colossal Experience in The Eternal City

Prepare yourself to journey back in time; your next step takes you along the paths where senators once strode. Rome, Italy, is a city of timeless layers, each stone steeped in stories that have withstood the ages. As you’re about to explore the best Mediterranean travel experiences, the majesty of Rome’s past counterparts the vibrancy of its present. Picture the sun casting its golden light on the aged stones of the Colosseum’s ancient grandeur, as you walk where gladiators once battled for glory.

The Colosseum’s Ancient Echoes

Feel the echoes of history resonate in your chest as you step into the grandeur of the great Colosseum. Visualize yourself as part of a roaring crowd, cheering on the valor within the arena walls. This iconic symbol of Rome, Italy, embodies human history’s breadth and depth, a monumental tribute to architectural brilliance and human drama.

The Vatican’s Sacred Artistry

Shift your gaze towards the sovereign city-state that harbors the sacred core of the Christian world – the Vatican City. Within, the Vatican’s historic splendors await, from Michelangelo’s magnificent frescoes in the Sistine Chapel to the resplendent St. Peter’s Basilica. Journey within, and let the whispers of ancient popes and timeless artists inspire a reverent awe unique to this hallowed enclave.

Roman LandmarkHistoric SignificanceVisitor Experience
ColosseumAmphitheater symbolizing the might of the ancient Roman EmpireImmersive insight into gladiatorial games and public spectacles
Roman ForumThe political and social heart of ancient RomeA stroll through ruins that witnessed the inception of Western civilization
Vatican MuseumsOne of the largest and most prestigious art collections in the worldAn encounter with Renaissance masterworks and profound religious art
St. Peter’s BasilicaOne of Christianity’s most revered shrines and an architectural masterpieceExperience the grandeur of this spiritual sanctuary and its impressive dome
Sistine ChapelHome to Michelangelo’s iconic ceiling and Last Judgment frescoesA moment to gaze upon art that has moved viewers for centuries

As you wander from the Colosseum’s might to the Vatican’s splendors, you thread through the corridors of time. Rome, Italy transcends the ordinary and elevates your travel tale to a saga of empires, artistry, and belief. Prepare your heart to be captured by this eternal city, where the grand canvases of history and humanity unfold under the Mediterranean sun.

Naples and Beyond: A Gateway to Antiquity

Scenic view of Amalfi Coast

When you think of Naples Italy, images of a city steeped in history, flanked by the grandeur of Mount Vesuvius, and teeming with cultural treasures flood the mind. It’s a place where the old world casually collides with modern life, inviting you on a Pompeii historical visit that will engrave itself in your memory. Even before you reach the haunting ruins leftover by Vesuvius’s fury, the allure of the city’s vibrant streets and savory aromas of authentic pizza will have already claimed a piece of your heart.

“In Naples, the past isn’t a relic, it’s a whisper in the air, a piece of conversation caught on the breeze, a tale waiting to be retold.”

Yet, there’s more. Escape beyond the city’s buzz and you’re thrust into the Sorrento coastal allure, where views stun silently and cliffs drop dramatically. Here, every turn on the meandering roads rewards you with vistas that artists spend lifetimes trying to capture. And as the Mediterranean sun sets, it bathes Sorrento in a golden light so bewitching, even the siren’s call couldn’t be sweeter.

Venture further, and the Amalfi Coast scenic drives beckon you with their siren songs. Each bend along these serpentine paths presents a postcard-perfect scene: sherbet-colored villas perched atop crags, terraced gardens spilling down to the sea, and azure waves whispering against pebbled shorelines. It’s not just a drive—it’s a journey through a canvas brought vivaciously to life. As you weave between sea and mountain, between history and present, you embrace the essence of the Mediterranean—with every sense and every fiber of your being.

  1. Unearth the stories of ancient Pompeii and Herculaneum.
  2. Savor the citrus-kissed breeze in the cliffside village of Sorrento.
  3. Embrace the scenic symphony of the Amalfi Coast’s celebrated route.

You see, Naples is not merely a destination on a map; it’s an experience that cradles antiquity in its palm. So, allow yourself to delve into the layers of stories and stone. Give in to the temptation of tracing the footprints of history and let the Mediterranean seduce you with its timeless charm.

Sailing the Ionian Sea: A Nautical Escape

Have you ever dreamed of casting off into the horizon, where the sky kisses the sea? Imagine sailing the Mediterranean Sea, with the Ionian Sea adventures unfolding like the pages of an ancient mariner’s journal. Here, every gust of wind whispers tales of Odysseus, and each wave carries the secrets of bygone civilizations. It’s not just a journey; it’s a passage through time—where the Adriatic allure calls to your soul’s yearning for discovery and the purest form of maritime leisure.

As you glide across calmer tides, the Ionian Sea cradles your vessel with care. Italy’s amorous coastlines wave farewell as you sail towards the fabled shores of Greece. Absorb the resplendent beauty, where sapphire waters mirror the heavens and the sun’s caress is as gentle as a lover’s touch. Below deck, find a sanctuary in the ship’s Nordic Spa; above, a treasure trove of knowledge awaits in the library. Each moment is an opportunity to indulge, whether it’s the mind, body, or spirit.

Let the Ionian waters be your guide to inner serenity; let the rhythms of the sea be the music that orchestrates your days on board.

But it’s when you gaze upon the seas’ majestic tranquility—aglow with the gold of sunset—that you truly comprehend what it means to have the sea’s immeasurable expanse cradle your journey of self-discovery. Affix these moments in memory; let them become the keepsakes from your grand Mediterranean odyssey.

  • Embrace the serenity of maritime bliss—a seamless blend of adventure and placid beauty.
  • Chart a course through history, where each nautical mile traversed is a storied legend come to life.
  • Rejuvenate your essence in the vastness of the ocean, where the only boundary is the horizon itself.

Indeed, the Ionian Sea is more than a body of water—it’s a canvas of blue where your seafaring escapades become artistry in motion. So, set sail, dear traveler, on a nautical escape where the waters are as enchanting as the journey is eternal.

Corfu’s Cultural Tapestry: Uncover Greece’s Island Gem

Ready to explore Mediterranean destinations that echo with tales of antiquity and allure? Your next stop is none other than Corfu Greece, an island where UNESCO Sites exploration isn’t just an activity—it’s a journey through time. Let’s peel back the layers of this Grecian utopia and discover the whispers of history etched in every stone.

Mystical Corfu Greece

A trip to Corfu is akin to stepping into a vibrant painting where the hues of history and legend blend seamlessly. You’ll be swept off your feet by the Old Town’s unique charisma—so much so, you may never want to leave.

UNESCO Wonders: Corfu’s Old Town

Picture yourself weaving through the cobbled streets, where a Venetian fortress stands guard like an old sentinel. The pastel-colored buildings hint at the island’s Venetian past, and their charm is as palpable as the scent of olive and citrus in the air. A UNESCO marvel, the Old Town of Corfu is a cultural symphony, harmonizing the notes of Europe’s great empires into a timeless melody.

Mythical Vistas: Mouse Island and Vlacherna Monastery

When it comes to potent mythology and stunning vistas, Mouse Island doesn’t scrimp. Affectionately known as Pontikonisi, this tiny isle hoarding a treasure trove of Mouse Island myths is just a stone’s throw from the iconic Vlacherna Monastery. As you gaze upon this dreamy scene, let the tales of ships turned to stone by the Gods’ whims rouse your imagination. Sure, you’ve seen photos, but nothing compares to feeling the sea’s breeze as you unravel myths that have fascinated travelers for generations.

With every step through Corfu’s mesmerizing landscapes and every myth that tickles your curiosity, you’re not just visiting—you’re becoming part of the island’s rich tapestry. So go ahead, let Corfu whisper its secrets in your ear and leave you enchanted long after you’ve returned home.

Dubrovnik and Split: Croatia’s Coastal Splendor

Picture this: You’re sipping a rich cup of Croatian coffee, your eyes drinking in the architectural banquet that is Dubrovnik. This is where your luxury Mediterranean travel notches up a dazzling high. Paradise is not an exaggeration here; it’s a testament to the beauty that surrounds you.

Welcome to the splendorous city of Dubrovnik, Croatia—a place where medieval charm doesn’t just exist in the history books, but comes alive beneath your footfalls on the polished limestone of the Stradun. You can feel the history resonating through the city’s colossal walls and into the rhythmic waves of the Adriatic.

Medieval Charm of Dubrovnik’s Stradun

As you traverse the length of Dubrovnik’s famed Stradun, each step on the gleaming street stones is a stride through history. Cafes and shops tucked in baroque buildings beckon with the promise of coastal delights and souvenirs to encapsulate your experience for a lifetime.

Split’s Ancient Diocletian’s Palace

Not to be outdone, Split awaits your discovery with its own wonders, such as the iconic Diocletian’s Palace. This UNESCO World Heritage site delivers a historical journey that takes you back to the era of Roman emperors and the intricate tales they left behind in stone.

Your coastal excursions in Split divulge a robust blend of past and present, from the echoes within the ancient Roman walls to the vivacious pulse of the Riva promenade. Croatia has always been about that perfect harmony of monumental history and the delicate whisper of the sea.

#LocationHistorical HighlightMust-Visit SpotBest Time to Visit
1DubrovnikMedieval WallsFort LovrijenacLate Spring
2SplitDiocletian’s PalaceThe Peristyle SquareEarly Autumn

So, whether you are wandering the serenity of Dubrovnik’s walls or getting lost in the hustle of Split’s markets, your luxury Mediterranean travel is not just a trip—it’s a seamless step into the grand narrative of Croatia’s timeless coastal splendor.

Venice: Romance of the Adriatic

Where your Mediterranean island hopping saga reaches its zenith, Venice, Italy awaits with open arms and a heart full of romance. As the final act in a journey adorned with cultural jewels, Venice’s serpentine canals become your stage for an otherworldly St. Mark’s Square amble. The city itself – a living, breathing ode to heritage and splendor – presents an atmospheric array of experiences, rewarding the curious traveler with scenes straight out of a Venetian painting.

Venetian mask crafting in Venice Italy

Canals and Culture: Venice’s Enduring Legacy

You might’ve dreamt of this moment: the gentle lap of water against the gondola as your guide hums a local melody. With every waterway explored, a new layer of Venice reveals itself. Embark on your own St. Mark’s Square amble, where the echoes of history reverberate from the imposing bell tower and spill from the doors of the resplendent basilica. Here in the Doge’s Palace, uncover the intricacies of Venetian governance, its whispering corridors telling tales of the past, filled with intrigue and legacy.

The Art of Venetian Mask Crafting

What’s that hidden in the narrow crevices of Venezia? It’s the hallowed studios where Venetian mask crafting is not just preserved but celebrated. These masks are more than mere souvenirs; they’re relics of La Serenissima’s opulent masquerades, a tradition where anonymity granted freedom and mystery in equal measure. In your wandering, step into the realm of an artisan and witness the transformation of mere materials into ornate symbols of Venetian lore. Perhaps, even take away a piece of the city’s soul with you.

Indulgence and Enlightenment Onboard Viking Sea

Set sail on an all-inclusive Mediterranean cruise where each moment aboard the Viking Sea is curated for your utmost enjoyment and cultural discovery. Imagine yourself immersed in Viking Sea luxury amenities that cater to your every whim—think king-size beds enveloped in the finest linens and a private veranda offering you a front-row seat to the world’s most stunning maritime views.

As you revel in the tranquil ambiance free from casinos and children, you are free to indulge in an array of onboard attractions that will make your time at sea as memorable as your onshore experiences. Dive into the history, swirl a glass of regional wine, lose yourself to the peace of the Nordic spa—the choices are as limitless as the horizon.

  • Luxury accommodations with a veranda to marvel at the Med’s beauty
  • Enriching lectures focused on history, art, and the essence of your destinations
  • A spa experience borrowing from the ancient Nordic tradition of wellness
  • Destination performances that bring the culture and flavor of the Mediterranean to you

Imagine evenings spent soaking in the artistic talents of regional performers, days whiled away with professional historians sharing tales ripe with intrigue. This journey promises cultural enrichment not only through the places you’ll visit but through the engaging opportunities available right on deck.

StateroomsLuxury bedding, spacious area, private verandaComfort, privacy, and breathtaking views anytime
DiningAll-inclusive meals with regional specialitiesSavor the Mediterranean flavors without leaving the ship
EntertainmentConcerts, theater shows, destination performancesEvenings filled with cultural immersion and enjoyment
EnrichmentLectures, workshops, interactive learningExpand your horizons and deepen your understanding of the Med
WellnessNordic spa, fitness center, yoga classesRejuvenate your body and spirit amidst the sea’s serenity
As the endless blue dissolves into starry nights, your journey aboard the Viking Sea becomes a narrative of indulgence and enlightenment—a tale woven by the echoes of ancient cultures and the whispers of the sea.


As your vessel turns away from the lapping waves of the Mediterranean, the horizon stretches out, taking with it the coastal silhouettes that have been your compass points on this voyage. You began by dropping anchor into the cultural depths of Barcelona and wound your way through the cobbled corridors of time itself. The scenes that hold fast in your collection of Mediterranean vacation memories are vivid; you’ve traversed the very terrain where history was scribed, dined where the ancients feasted, and forged your own sea saga conclusion.

Your journey — an unforgettable odyssey — may seem to draw to its end, but like the greatest epics, the final chapter is merely a pause. The tales of terracotta rooftops under Tuscan suns, the grandeur of Rome’s eternal beauty, and the idyllic serenades of Venetian gondoliers will persist as hymns in your mind. As you disembark, the spirit of the Mediterranean clings to you, an intrinsic part of your narrative now.

And so, the invitation remains, evergreen and whispering. The Mediterranean, with its timeless coasts and whispered promises, beckons for your return. Your heart, now an atlas of experiences, longs to once more embark on a Mediterranean odyssey, assured that such a sojourn can only be, by its very nature, the start of yet another unforgettable journey.


What can I expect from embarking on a Mediterranean odyssey?

Prepare for an unforgettable journey filled with sea sagas, coastal charm, and historic treasures. From Barcelona to Venice, you’ll be treated to a seamless blend of cultural enrichment, scenic grandeur, and luxurious relaxation.

What destinations will I explore on a Mediterranean cruise?

Your luxury Mediterranean travel itinerary will guide you through some of the most enchanting destinations including Barcelona, Marseille, Monte Carlo, Tuscany, Rome, Naples, the Ionian Sea, Corfu, Dubrovnik, Split, and Venice. Plus, with port taxes and fees included, the logistics are taken care of, so you can focus on the adventure.

What highlights will I enjoy in Barcelona at the start of my odyssey?

Your Mediterranean vacation package begins in Barcelona where you’ll lose yourself in the Gothic Quarter, marvel at Gaudí’s architectural wonders, and enjoy a tapas sampling session as you stroll along the famous Las Ramblas.

What experiences await me on the French Riviera?

As part of your Mediterranean adventure tours, the charismatic Marseille with its Historic Old Port, and the opulent Monte Carlo, known for its princes and palaces, await. Don’t miss a chance to sample the local seafood staple—bouillabaisse.

Can I uncover the Renaissance in Tuscany?

Absolutely. As you embark on Mediterranean island hopping, you’ll explore the artistic heartland of Italy in cities like Florence, Pisa, and Livorno. Tuscany is alive with art and architecture, allowing you to walk in the footsteps of great masters.

What makes Rome a can’t-miss destination on my Mediterranean trip?

Rome encapsulates the best Mediterranean travel experiences with its ancient grandeur and historic splendors. From the Colosseum’s imposing echoes to the sacred artistry at the Vatican, Rome presents a colossal exploration of The Eternal City.

How does Naples serve as a gateway to antiquity?

After docking in Naples, you’re primed for historical visits to Pompeii, scenic drives along the irresistible Amalfi Coast, and an immersion in Sorrento’s coastal allure—an array of experiences that capture the essence of the region’s rich past.

What enchantment does the Ionian Sea hold for travelers?

Sailing the Mediterranean Sea, particularly the Ionian, braces you for adventures in maritime leisure and the serenity of the Adriatic. It’s a haven for those seeking a nautical escape amidst calming waters and inspiring landscapes.

What cultural wonders does Corfu offer?

Known for its eclectic cultural tapestry, Corfu features treasures like the UNESCO-listed Old Town and the mythical vistas around Mouse Island. Here tradition mingles with myth on a Greece island gem that is sure to captivate.

What historical journeys will I embark upon in Croatia?

Your visit to Dubrovnik and Split invites you to wander through medieval streets and ancient palaces. You can expect coastal excursions that reveal the architectural splendor and Adriatic essence of Croatia’s storied cities.

How will Venice captivate me on this Mediterranean cruise?

Your island-hopping odyssey climaxes in Venice, where you can amble through St. Mark’s Square, craft your own Venetian mask, and revel in the romance that winds along the city’s iconic canals.

What onboard experiences does Viking Sea provide?

Viking Sea offers a journey of indulgence and enlightenment, with all-inclusive Mediterranean cruise luxuries. Enjoy cultural enrichment, luxury amenities, exquisite onshore experiences, and the serenity of Viking’s no-casino, no-children environment.

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