30 miles out kayak fishing
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Picture yourself on the open sea, in a little kayak surrounded by endless waters. The smell of salt is strong as you leave the land far behind. Close your eyes and feel the excitement of offshore kayak angling. It’s all about getting on a long-distance kayak expeditions to find big, hard-to-catch fish.If you love kayak fishing, you have faced the small waters already. Now, you’re eyeing the next big thing – deep sea kayak excursions. They are tough, but the chance to catch tuna, dorado, and marlin is calling. These marathon kayak fishing trips are set to challenge you like nothing else.

Key Takeaways

  • Kayak anglers are embarking on thrilling 30 miles out kayak fishing adventures, exploring remote offshore waters.
  • These long-haul kayak fishing charters target pelagic species like tuna, dorado, and marlin from small kayaks.
  • Successful offshore kayak angling requires specialized gear, safety precautions, and advanced fishing techniques.
  • Pelagic kayak fishing experiences offer adrenaline-pumping battles and unforgettable catches far from shore.
  • Ocean kayak adventures foster a deeper connection with nature and personal growth through self-reliance.

Discovering the World of Kayak Fishing

In 2013, while in North Dakota, 30 miles out kayak fishing caught Shevie Stewart’s eye. He saw kayaks equipped for offshore kayak angling online and got hooked. Shevie started with a basic kayak for fishing in rivers and lakes. Then, he upgraded to a Hobie Outback for pelagic kayak fishing experiences.

From Beginner to Obsession

Shevie’s interest in kayak fishing soon became a passionate hobby. He found a 3K view forum thread that discussed deep-sea kayaking and fishing trips. This online community was deeply dedicated. They shared advice on everything from launching to analyzing fishing scenes.

Choosing the Right Kayak for Saltwater Adventures

As Shevie got better, he knew he needed a kayak for tough ocean waters. He picked kayaks from Hobie, known for their quality in saltwater fishing. These kayaks had special compartments and lots of space, ideal for ocean adventures.
Shevie says, “Picking the right kayak matters a lot for deep sea kayak excursions. It makes you better and helps keep you safe out there.”

Preparing for Offshore Kayak Fishing Expeditions

Before you head out for offshore kayak fishing, make sure you’re fully prepared. Long-distance kayak expeditions and marathon kayak fishing trips need detailed planning. You also need the right equipment to handle the ocean’s challenges.

Essential Gear and Rigging

For offshore kayak angling and pelagic kayak fishing experiences, good gear is key. It’s wise to get top fishing rods and reels set up with braided line. This line is strong with little stretch, perfect for fighting big fish.Offshore kayak fishing gearDon’t forget about the details. Use things like stinger rigs and wire leaders to handle large, powerful fish. Knowing how to set these up is important for ocean kayak adventures.

Safety Considerations for Long-Distance Kayak Excursions

Safety is everything on long-distance kayak expeditions away from land. You must have life jackets, a whistle, and white lights for night safety. Also, a VHF radio and Spot Satellite tracker could save your life in an emergency.Always bring tools like GPS and compasses to keep you on track. Make sure you have extra batteries and know how to use them. Safety starts with being prepared.
Kayak SpecificationsRecommended Options
Kayak LengthAt least 12ft for offshore stability
Kayak TypeSit-on-top for offshore trolling (stability and storage)
Weight CapacitySuited to angler’s needs and gear load
PropulsionPedal kayaks gaining popularity for serious fishing
It’s good to have a friend with you. This buddy system improves safety and helps in emergencies during ocean kayak adventures.

30 Miles Out Kayak Fishing Charters

Are you a dedicated kayak angler looking for the top offshore kayak angling experience? Try a charter with 30 Miles Out. Owned by skilled captains Ty and Thesea Southerland, they excel in long-haul kayak fishing charters. You’ll venture to the deep Gulf waters for an exciting pelagic kayak fishing experience.
Getting expert guidance is a big plus with a 30 miles out kayak fishing charter. The Southerlands and their team have deep local knowledge. This ensures you fish the best spots up to 35 miles out. They’ll also share tips on fishing techniques and gear to help you catch big fish like tuna, wahoo, and mahi-mahi.
Up to 4 experienced kayak anglers can join these offshore trips. They include multi-hour or even overnight camping trips in the deep ocean.
A 4-hour 30 miles out kayak fishing charter for 1-3 people costs about $350. An 8-hour trip is around $550. If you’re up for it, overnight mothership charters begin at $900 per person.
Charter TypeDurationCapacityAverage Cost
Kayak Fishing4 hours1-3 people$350
Kayak Fishing8 hours1-3 people$550
Overnight Mothership24+ hours1-4 people$900+/person
Yes, these adventures can be pricey. But the chance to fight powerful pelagic fish from a kayak in remote waters is a rare experience. If you’re prepared for a memorable long-haul kayak fishing charter, reserve your spot with 30 Miles Out now!

Techniques for Successful Offshore Kayak Angling

Heading off on an offshore kayak fishing trip needs more than just excitement. To do well on these trips and catch big fish, you must know special techniques. These are made for the unique challenges of fishing far out at sea from a kayak.

Reading the Water and Finding Baitfish

Understanding the sea and spotting where the baitfish are is key for offshore kayak fishing. Look for current breaks, different water temperatures, lines of seaweeds, and birds. These signs can tell you where to find baitfish and the gamefish that feed on them.Offshore kayak angling baitfishKnowing the area well and checking maps can help you find great fishing spots. It’s also really helpful to talk to other fishermen who know the best places. They can give you tips on where to go during different times of the year.

Live Bait vs. Lures for Offshore Species

People often argue over using live bait or lures when fishing from a kayak. Live bait, like cigar minnows or ballyhoo, is great for catching fish. But, it needs more work to prepare and keep fresh. Artificial lures, such as Gotcha plugs, are good too. They allow you to fish over a wider area and are effective near cover or where there are many baitfish.Dragging lures or bait behind your kayak, called trolling, helps cover more ocean. But, do not forget that just sitting still and fishing, or moving with the current, can also be very successful. Whatever your choice, be ready to try different things and change your plan as needed. This is key to successful offshore kayak fishing.

Targeting Pelagic Species from a Kayak

Offshore kayak fishing is thrilling. It involves hunting for big pelagic fish in the open sea. Many kayak fishers usually stay close to the shore. But, more and more are paddling further out for the thrill of fishing the deep blue.

King Mackerel: The Ultimate Inshore Challenge

King mackerel are a top catch close to the shores where kayaks launch. These fast predators search for small fish, making them a fun challenge for kayak anglers. During spring and fall along the Gulf Coast, they are abundant. Anglers can catch many in one trip.To catch king mackerel, use live fish as bait and keep the bait far from your kayak. Watch for birds diving into the water; they show where the fish are. As action peaks by 9:30 am, kings might jump all around your kayak.
Kayakers fishing for king mackerel must use strong gear. This includes a thick fishing line and a sturdy leader. Because larger fish, even sharks, can be around.

Deep-Sea Kayak Fishing for Tuna and Dorado

Catching tuna and dorado far from the shore is a big challenge. This kind of fishing needs a kayak journey into the deep sea. A journey to where the currents are warm and fish gather around floating objects.A good angler spots birds from far and paddles a long way to find the fish. Having the right fishing gear, like a reel and rod ready for big catches, is crucial.
SpeciesTypical SizeTackleBait/Lure
King Mackerel10-30 lbs30 lb mono, 60 lb fluoro leader, wire rigsLive ladyfish, threadfin herring
Yellowfin Tuna30-100 lbs50-80 lb braid, 60-80 yd mono topshotPoppers, casting jigs, live bait
Dorado10-30 lbs30-50 lb braid, 50 lb fluoro leaderTrolled lures, rigged ballyhoo
For offshore fishing, safety is critical. Always take a friend, wear a life jacket, and carry a radio. A kill bag for your catch is also a smart move.

The Thrill of the Catch: Kayak Fishing Adventures

There’s nothing like the rush of reeling in a big fish from a small kayak at sea. Shevie Stewart loves these moments. They make all the hard work before, like paddling miles, worth it.

Landing Your First Kingfish

Shevie never forgets the fight to catch his first kingfish. It was 30 miles out kayak fishing, and he had to learn the right moves. This catch sparked his deep love for the challenge of saltwater kayak fishing.

Memorable Battles with Powerful Gamefish

For kayak anglers, every offshore expedition adds new thrilling memories. From fighting against strong fish to hearing the drags scream, every adventure is unforgettable. These experiences drive the love for pelagic kayak fishing, turning the hard work of long distances and preparation for long-haul kayak fishing charters into joy.
Charter TypePrice RangeCapacityDuration
13 ft Kayak$3501-3 peopleHalf-day
52 ft Kayak$3,8501-19 people8-10 hours
Fighting a strong kingfish or amberjack from a kayak is something Shevie Stewart cherishes. These thrilling fights, marked by the sounds of dragging fishing lines, are unforgettable. They turn long-haul kayak fishing charters and the hard work into valuable experiences.

Kayak Fishing Marathons and Endurance Challenges

For the truly passionate diehard kayak anglers, there’s nothing like offshore kayak fishing. It elevates into marathon kayak fishing trips where they battle through multi-day challenges. These events can stretch over 30 miles out kayak fishing and require sleeping on secluded islands or the kayaks themselves.This kind of adventure demands top-notch fitness, navigation, and the will to adapt. Anglers must learn to thrive in isolation and consider the vast ocean as their sole companion. This journey builds a strong bond with the wild, untamed sea.
Nothing tests your limits like a multi-day kayak fishing marathon 30 miles offshore. It’s just you, your kayak, and the vast ocean – a transformative experience that redefines perseverance and self-reliance.
To take on these challenges, anglers need to plan everything from their journey to what they pack and safety items. Staying properly hydrated, well-fed, and rested is key. This keeps their energy up during long hours of paddling and battling powerful sea creatures from a small, open kayak.
Key ConsiderationsMarathon Kayak Fishing
Distance>30 miles offshore
DurationMulti-day expeditions
AccommodationsRemote islands or kayak
Physical DemandsExceptional endurance
Navigation SkillsExpert level required
Self-RelianceComplete autonomy
It’s clear that these challenges are not for everyone. But those who overcome them experience immense personal growth. They also learn deep lessons from the open ocean while fishing for pelagic species under their power.

The Kayak Angler’s Lifestyle

Shevie Stewart is a dedicated angler who sees kayak fishing as more than just a hobby. Kayak fishing is becoming very popular, and more people, like Shevie, are joining in. They find joy in this outdoor activity.

Simplifying Life to Maximize Time on the Water

In the summer of 2013, Shevie started his journey in offshore kayak angling. He shows how people are more interested in this sport over time. Shevie chooses a simple life in a camper to spend more time fishing in the sea.

The Evolving Kayak Fleet: Justifying New Purchases

Shevie’s love for kayak fishing meant more kayaks for him. He first got a 12FT Ascend FST and then a 2014 Caribbean Blue Hobie Outback. These choices show what anglers like Shevie prefer in their gear.Buying and selling used kayaks was also part of Shevie’s journey. He got a 2016 Hobie Pro Angler to resell, but he ended up keeping it for his inshore fishing. Shevie’s story also shows how freshwater anglers are moving to saltwater kayak fishing. This shows a change in fishing interests.New, special kayaks are always grabbing Shevie’s attention. He finds unique reasons, like celebrating his birthday, to get these kayaks. They are perfect for his fishing adventures that go 30 miles out to sea. They show his deep passion for this sport.

Conservation and Sustainable Kayak Fishing

The thrill of offshore kayak angling and pelagic kayak fishing experiences is drawing more people in. With this, a strong commitment to conservation is needed. It’s crucial that those enjoying these deep sea kayak excursions use sustainable methods to protect the sea’s life.It’s vital to carefully let go of fish you don’t want, to keep them alive and help fish populations stay healthy. Following rules about what fish to catch, when, and how many is also key for saltwater kayak fishing. By following these guidelines, kayak enthusiasts can show their dedication to the ocean’s well-being.Kayak anglers are in a special place to lead by example in fishing with low impact. Without the hassle of busy boat ramps, they can engage in their saltwater fishing in a way that’s gentle on nature. By being careful, kayakers can enjoy their hobby while protecting the beautiful places they love to explore.
As stewards of the oceans, we must embrace sustainable practices that ensure the longevity of our beloved sport and the vibrant marine life that inhabits these waters.
Championing a mindset that values conservation and responsible fishing is essential. By doing so, everyone who loves kayak fishing can help protect the ocean for the future. This way, upcoming generations can enjoy the same excitement and connections with the wild, open sea.

30 miles out kayak fishing: A Transformative Experience

For those who love to fish from kayaks, a 30 miles out kayak fishing trip is huge. It’s about more than getting a big catch. It’s a life-changing experience that makes you feel small in a big, beautiful world. Far from everyday life, you feel the power and see the beauty of nature like never before.Kayaking far into open waters tests your limits and brings out your strength. You become one with the wild ocean, gaining a deep connection. This journey is not just about the fish you catch; it shapes you into a stronger, more self-reliant person.In deep sea kayak excursions, you grow as a person beyond fishing. You face your fears and doubts in the vast, quiet sea. With every challenge you overcome, you become tougher and more confident.
The ocean is a harsh mistress, but those who brave her embrace the ultimate test of self-reliance and inner strength.
Long journeys teach you how small you are in the big picture. You realize the power of nature. Yet, in this daunting vastness, you find joy in simple things like the sound of waves. These moments change how you see life.Those who take on 30 miles out kayak fishing see it as a journey that changes them forever. It’s more than the physical and mental challenge. It’s about the lasting bond with the ocean and its lessons that go beyond fishing joy. The experience marks your heart forever.
Expedition HighlightsStatistics
Total Distance Covered30 miles
Duration of the TripApproximately 9.25 hours on the water
Distance Paddled to LundyOver 13 miles in 3 hours and 45 minutes
Catch of the DayOne small Pollack
Paddling Against the Tide45 minutes flat out against the incoming tide
So, on your next offshore kayak angling adventure, keep in mind what truly matters. It’s not just about what you catch but how you grow. Enjoy the test, the solitude, and let the ocean’s rhythm change you for the better.


Taking on a 30 miles out kayak fishing adventure tests your limits. But the memories you make are truly unforgettable. Planning your offshore kayak angling is just the start. The real excitement comes when you’re fighting against big pelagic fish. These trips mark the top of saltwater kayak fishing.The love for ocean kayak adventures is getting stronger. And so is the need to care for the sea. It’s important for kayakers to keep the waters clean and follow fishing rules. This way, we can keep fishing fun for others, too.For those brave enough to go offshore in a kayak, the journey is life-changing. Sure, catching big fish is thrilling. But these trips also teach us a lot about ourselves. Being out on the open sea alone or with friends shows us nature’s wonder. And how small we are in such a big, beautiful world.


What is required for offshore kayak fishing expeditions?

Preparing for a 30-mile offshore kayak fishing trip is key. You need the right fishing gear. Think rigged rods and reels with strong line.Don’t forget safety items like life jackets, VHF radios, and EPIRBs. This gear is vital for your safety on such long trips.

How can I increase my chances of success on an offshore kayak fishing trip?

To up your chance of catching fish, you’ll need some skills. Learn to read the water. Find the spots with baitfish that large fish like to feed on.Use the best rigs for your bait or lures. You might also try trolling to cover more water and attract fish.

What are some popular offshore targets for kayak anglers?

Many kayak anglers target species like king mackerel near the shore. Others go further out for big catches like yellowfin tuna and dorado.But, reaching these fish takes covering lots of water to find the best spots.

What is the appeal of long-distance kayak fishing expeditions?

Hooking a big, powerful fish from a kayak is thrilling. The satisfaction of landing your catch makes the effort worthwhile.These experiences create lasting memories of challenges and victories out at sea.

How extreme can kayak fishing expeditions get?

Some kayak anglers take on really tough challenges. They might fish for days, covering over 30 miles. They even camp on islands or in their kayaks.

Why is conservation important for offshore kayak anglers?

As more people turn to kayak fishing, protecting the ocean is vital. By releasing unwanted fish carefully, you help keep the seas healthy.It’s crucial to follow the rules and lead by example in conservation.

What are the personal benefits of long-distance kayak fishing?

Heading out 30 miles offshore is more than a hobby for many. It’s an adventure that changes lives.This journey offers deep connections with nature and chances for personal development. It’s a powerful experience.

This post contains affiliate links.

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