Jordanelle State Park. Located above the beautiful Heber Valley in Wasatch County and along the shores of the Jordanelle Reservoir
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Imagine a ripple on the water at Jordanelle Reservoir Utah. It could be a Largemouth Bass or an angler’s cast line. Here, the vast, clean water reflects the sky and the passion of fishermen. With your rod in hand, feel the thrill of the catch and the peace of nature. Picture yourself with your line in the sun, leaving the world behind.What makes this place special is not just its calm escape. It’s also how anglers help nature, raising over $80,000 for native trout since 20161. You become part of a vital community, fishing all year round. Remember to respect the life under the water, especially when kokanee salmon season closes annually from Sept. 10 to Nov. 301.Your journey for the best fishing guide to Jordanelle Reservoir Utah starts here. Wisdom comes from seven members of the Utah Wildlife Board, serving six years each1. Trust in the support from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. It shows how much we value this habitat1.

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Key Takeaways

  • Understand the year-round fishing opportunities at Jordanelle Reservoir Utah1.
  • Engage in conservation with initiatives like the Utah Cutthroat Slam1.
  • Plan your fishing trips around statewide kokanee salmon seasonal closures1.
  • Gain insights from the seasoned members of the Utah Wildlife Board1.
  • Revel in the sustainable practices underpinning your premier fishing destination1.

Discovering Jordanelle Reservoir: Utah’s Premier Fishing Destination

If you want an unforgettable fishing trip, head to Fishing Jordanelle Reservoir Utah. Known as Utah’s premier fishing destination, Jordanelle Reservoir stands out in the state park system. It offers stunning views and plenty of fish. It’s perfect for both seasoned anglers and beginners.Imagine casting your line in a place where mountain breezes and clear waters meet. That’s Jordanelle. Just a short journey from Heber City in Wasatch County, this reservoir is more than a fishing spot. It’s a chance to add an exciting chapter to your fishing journey.The Central Utah Project, particularly the Bonneville Unit, ensures Jordanelle brims with life2. It transforms the Colorado River’s flow to support both the reservoir’s beauty and various needs like irrigation. This makes your fishing dreams possible2. The focus on water conservation and development highlights the dedication to maintaining Jordanelle as an important natural resource.Jordanelle is not just a fishing spot, but a sanctuary connecting land and water. It honors the Ute Indian tribe’s history. The area thrives thanks to the Central Utah Project Completion Act, enhancing agriculture and wildlife. Each visit brings new tales and many fish2.Jordanelle Reservoir is ready to amaze with its rich aquatic life. Home to Kokanee Salmon, Tiger Muskies, and more, it keeps anglers excited. But there’s more than fishing here. A wealth of resources like guides, books, and videos create a community eager to share their passion.Here’s a tip: experience everything Jordanelle has to offer. With countless activities under the vast Utah skies, the joy of your catch will match the beauty of your surroundings.

Exploring the Best Fishing Spots in Jordanelle Reservoir

Looking for smallmouth bass or big brown trout? Jordanelle Reservoir has spots perfect for you. Choose from Hailstone, Rock Cliff, and Ross Creek for a variety of fish habitats. Each place offers something special for your fishing trip.

Hailstone: A Haven for Anglers

Hailstone combines ease of access with rich fish populations. It’s a favorite spot with boat ramps, a marina, and more on the western shore. Though it gets busy, the facilities make it a top choice for anglers at Jordanelle Reservoir3. There are over 100 RV sites and tent camping options, letting you live the angler’s dream3.

Rock Cliff: Secluded Fishing and Wildlife Encounters

Want a quiet spot? Rock Cliff’s eastern side is peaceful, with great fishing and wildlife. With fewer boats, you can fish in calm waters and enjoy nature. It has a fish cleaning station and a boat launch, making it convenient. Stay overnight at one of the six walk-in campsites near the Nature Center after a peaceful day at Rock Cliff3.

Ross Creek: On the Trail of the Big Bass

Ross Creek offers adventure with stunning views and great bass fishing. It’s a start for the Perimeter Trail, mixing fishing with hiking and biking. Exploring the 15.5-mile trail rewards you with excellent bass spots3.Let’s talk costs—camping at Jordanelle Reservoir matches its quality. RV spots are $60, and simple hike-in sites are $35. An extra car costs $25. Fishing rules keep the ecosystem healthy: bass limit is six, and trout, including kokanee, have a four-fish limit4.
Remember, whether you’re at Hailstone, Rock Cliff, or Ross Creek, Jordanelle Reservoir is an unforgettable adventure. It’s a story waiting to be part of your fishing journey.
SpotExperienceAmenitiesNotable Species
HailstoneFamily-friendly, AccessibleBoat ramps, Fish cleaning stations, RV CampsitesSmallmouth Bass, Rainbow Trout
Rock CliffQuiet, Natural settingFish cleaning station, Single-lane boat launchBig Brown Trout, Perch
Ross CreekAdventure, Scenic viewsAccess to Perimeter Trail, Large Bass spotsLargemouth Bass, Kokanee Salmon

The Diverse Fish Species in Jordanelle Reservoir

If you love fishing, Jordanelle Reservoir is a great spot. It’s filled with many types of fish. Here’s why this place is famous among fishers.

Smallmouth Bass: The Rumored Record-Breakers

Have you heard the stories? It’s true, Jordanelle has huge Smallmouth Bass. One even passed the state record at 22 inches long5. These fish are why many anglers come here, dreaming of catching a giant.

Fighting for the Big Browns: Tactics for Trophy Trout

Chasing Big Brown Trout at Jordanelle is a highlight. They can weigh up to 10 pounds6. People use different methods to catch them, like trolling or using nightcrawlers. In spring and fall, the trout move closer, making them easier to catch5.

Kokanee Salmon: Adding Variety to Your Catch

Jordanelle Reservoir keeps things interesting with different fish. It added 35,000 Kokanee Salmon to its waters. These fish help the ecosystem and give anglers more to fish for7.

Best Fishing Techniques for Jordanelle Reservoir

You’ve heard about the bountiful waters of Jordanelle Reservoir, haven’t you? If not, get ready for great angling tips. Jordanelle is home to rainbow trout, yellow perch, smallmouth bass, and kokanee salmon8. It’s a top spot for fishermen of all levels.

Trolling for Trout with Trademark Tricks

Ready for exciting trout trolling tactics? Use pop gear and worms to lure Rainbow and Brown Trout8. When trout gather near the shore in warmer water, these methods work wonders.

Lure Selection: What Works Best in Jordanelle Waters

Picking the right bait is crucial. In Jordanelle, try the Jackall Cross Tail Shad or Duo Realis Spinbait 80. Green pumpkin lures are popular, as is using drop shot setups near rocks. For specific depth fish, spy baiting is a top choice. Cast and retrieve smoothly.

Shore Fishing Strategies for New Anglers

Are you new to fishing or without a boat? No worries. Jordanelle Reservoir is perfect for shore fishing. Use nightcrawlers or PowerBait for success, especially in spring and fall. May is best for shore fishing due to active fish in warmer waters8.Check out this table of fishing tips before you go:
Fishing MethodTarget SpeciesBest SeasonShore or BoatPro Tip
Trolling with Pop GearRainbow TroutSpring/FallBoatLook for ripples signaling shoreline movement.
Worm StrategiesBrown TroutSpring/FallShorePatience pays off—give time for the worm to work its magic.
Jackall Cross Tail ShadSmallmouth BassLate SpringShore/BoatFish the transitions between deep and shallow.
Duo Realis Spinbait 80Kokanee SalmonSummerBoatSync your retrieval speed with the school’s depth.
Drop Shot SetupYellow PerchWinterShoreTarget rocky areas where perch love to hide.
Spy BaitingVariousAll SeasonsShore/BoatSteady retrieve to mimic a wounded baitfish.
Jordanelle Reservoir is a prime spot for fishing adventures. It’s filled with fish and stories. Here, your fishing dreams can come true. May you have tight lines and big catches!

Staying Compliant with Fishing Regulations in Utah

Hey there, angler! Before you cast your line into the refreshing waters of Jordanelle Reservoir, it’s crucial to stay informed. Understanding the fishing regulations Utah will keep your trip legal. Did you know that despite frequent inspections, illegal fishing still happens here?9 You certainly don’t want to be part of those statistics.Many fishermen already follow the Jordanelle Reservoir fishing rules9. Ignorance can harm our water ecosystems. Sticking to compliant fishing practices helps more than just dodging fines9. It’s about respecting marine life and ensuring fishing joy for future generations.The Utah fishing guidelines often change10. New rules might affect your fishing habits, especially if you’re into spearfishing. Areas like Jordan River and Utah Lake are now open for spearfishing northern pike10. However, check if Jordanelle Reservoir allows it before starting10.Knowledge is your best tool for staying compliant. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources offers educational campaigns to help9. These programs are essential for trouble-free fishing at Jordanelle Reservoir. Compliance rates vary across Utah, and staying educated helps you stay on the right side9.
Regulation AspectImportance for AnglersStatistical Insights
Catch LimitsPreserving Fish PopulationsHigh compliance rates, beneficial for fish stocks9
Fishing SeasonsRespecting breeding cyclesPenalties for non-compliance9
Spearfishing RulesOpening new avenuesJordanelle proposed for spearfishing10
Remember, fishing is not just about what you catch. It’s about fishing responsibly and leaving a positive legacy. Keeping in line with the fishing regulations Utah ensures that9. So, respect the rules and enjoy the beauty of Utah’s waters. Happy fishing!

Essential Fishing Gear for Your Jordanelle Reservoir Adventure

Before you fish in Jordanelle Reservoir’s clear waters, make sure you have the right tackle. An essential aspect of fishing at Jordanelle Reservoir is selecting appropriate tackle, depending on the fish you want to catch. So, if you’re dreaming of catching bass or trout, choosing the right tackle will help you succeed.

Choosing the Right Tackle

Success starts with a well-prepared tackle box. You wouldn’t want a lure that’s too big for trout. Pick your gear based on the fish you’re targeting to improve your chances of a good catch.Fishing Gear Selection

Pairing Rods and Reels for Your Target Species

Choosing the right rods and reels is a blend of function and finesse. The pairing of rods and reels plays a pivotal role in fishing success at Jordanelle Reservoir. A good combo, like an Abu Garcia Spinning Reel and a Shimano Rod, is versatile. It works well whether you’re after bass or trout.

The Role of Seasonal Gear: Adapting to Conditions

Utah’s seasons change the fishing game at Jordanelle. Sometimes, the water is murky, or it’s very cold. Use fluorocarbon lines when clarity is an issue. Braid lines can help you feel even the slightest bite. Seasonal changes at Jordanelle Reservoir dictate the use of specific gear types to win against the elements.While you enjoy the amazing fishing near the city, don’t forget about Jordanelle Rentals & Marina. They offer everything you need for a great fishing trip. And in May, the marina store opens to help you get ready for the season11.If you have questions or want a deal on jet ski rentals, call (435) 615-739711. Whether you want a calm kayak outing or need boat services, Jordanelle has it all11. Are you ready to fish? The water and fish are waiting.

Embarking on Guided Fishing Charters in Jordanelle Reservoir

Hey there, angler! Ready to explore Jordanelle Reservoir’s rich waters? Whether you’re an expert or just starting, fishing charters Jordanelle Reservoir will guide you to a great catch. With guided fishing experiences, local pros share their secret spots and techniques. They’re like your fishing mentors, guiding you towards fishing success. Through professional angling tours, you’ll dive deeper into fishing knowledge and boost your chances of catching big.Let’s look at some stats: imagine fishing in waters with 3,500 trout per mile. Sounds dreamy, right12? You’ll find mostly brown trout here, making up 90 percent of the fish in the Provo River12. This means you could have days catching 30-40 fish12.Check out these numbers: from March to July, fishers spent over 12,000 hours fishing during the week on the Provo River. Weekends added another 8,000 hours of fishing12. In the middle Provo River, expect trout that average 12 to 14 inches long. Sometimes, you might catch one over 18 inches12. Imagine the stories you could tell!But don’t just take our word for it. Experience it yourself by joining a fishing charter. Charter guides know where the fish are in the Jordanelle Reservoir. Believe us, catching a big brown trout with an expert’s help is thrilling.
Picture this: It’s a crisp morning; the sun is just peeking over the horizon, casting a golden sheen over the Jordanelle Reservoir, your guide points you to a spot where the big ones lurk, and with every cast, you feel the anticipation build until—bam! You’ve got a fighter on the line.
The best part? You might catch a trophy over 18 inches. Guided fishing trips enhance your future fishing skills. You’ll get tips and insights that’ll help for years — a true fishing masterclass.So, grab your gear, and let’s go. Your epic fishing story at Jordanelle Reservoir is waiting.

Riding the Competitive Wave: Fishing Tournaments at Jordanelle

Gone are the calm days of fishing at your own pace. Jordanelle Reservoir now leads with thrilling fishing tournaments that Utah anglers love. There are contests for everyone, with about 50 racers recently competing. They took part in five different races, including a surfboard race, a fun race for kids, and a challenging 10-mile race13. Competitive fishing at Jordanelle isn’t just about catching fish. It’s where smart strategies and endurance come into play, making each cast a potential victory.
In the open category race, diversity rules. Competitors use various paddle boards, showing the wide range of opportunities in Utah’s fishing contests13. Imagine stepping into the shoes of winners like Richard Trump, Michael Tavares, or Denise Higgison. You could be next to win a trophy at Jordanelle’s beautiful waters, joining Jordanelle’s top performers13.Christian Mullholland showcased his skill and endurance by winning the tough 10-mile race. Impressively, he won the overall men’s competition not just once, but twice13. It’s anglers with a thirst for victory who uphold Jordanelle Reservoir’s status as a breeding ground for champions.We salute those who, with keen focus, cast their lines hoping to win big at a fishing tournament. Take your chance in Utah’s competitive fishing scene. May your line be tight and your fish tales be epic.

Camping and Accommodations: Making the Most of Your Fishing Trip

Imagine waking up to the soft rush of a river, surrounded by pine scents. You’re on the brink of a unique fishing trip at Jordanelle Reservoir. You’ll experience this when you combine fishing with camping at Jordanelle State Park’s peaceful grounds. Let’s explore your camping options.

RV Sites and Tent Camping at Hailstone

Hailstone is more than just a spot for anglers; it boasts over 100 RV sites and tent loops14. It’s perfect for those blending fishing trips with outdoor life15. Whether in an RV or under the stars in a tent, you’ll find comfort. You’ll enjoy amenities like electricity, water, fire pits, and BBQ grills. It’s luxurious wilderness camping16.

Rock Cliff’s Nature-Immersive Campground

Near the Rock Cliff Nature Center, six tent sites offer a quiet, natural setting162. It’s great for tent lovers seeking calm and good fishing spots. You’ll fall asleep to wildlife sounds, under Utah’s impressive skies—a perfect end to a fishing day14.

Ross Creek’s Trail and Bass Fishing Combo

Ross Creek is known for its Perimeter Trail, attracting hikers and fishers14. There, you’ll find top-notch bass fishing, enhancing the trail’s appeal15. The upcoming day-use cabanas in 2024 will mix relaxation with fishing fun16.
CampgroundTypeAmenitiesAccess to Fishing
HailstoneRV and TentPower, Water, Fire Pits, BBQ GrillsReservoir Proximity
Rock CliffWalk-in TentFish Cleaning Station, Nature WalksReservoir and River
Ross CreekNon-motorized Day-UseCabanas (2024), Perimeter TrailBass Fishing Hotspots
Keep in mind, booking your camping spot early is advised, especially in high season15. So, book ahead and enjoy every fishing moment and campfire under Utah’s vast sky.


Packing up your fishing gear at Jordanelle Reservoir, you take home more than just fish. With each cast, your fishing tales grow, and your knowledge deepens. Here, in Utah’s vast fishing spots, a new adventure always awaits, whether you’re just starting or aiming for a record catch.The reservoir’s water, 81.92% full, offers a cool 40-degree haven for fish4. Picture your next trip there. Maybe, stay at a hike-in campsite for $35 or a cabin for $175. Both blend adventure and peace perfectly4. By keeping pets on a leash, we respect the wild spirit of bass and perch. They thrive under fishing rules that keep their home full of life4.Fishing is about passion and protecting our right to enjoy Utah’s rivers17. The Utah Stream Access Coalition fights to keep waterways like Provo River open for everyone. Their dedication helps ensure we can all enjoy these places17. Each visit to Jordanelle not only adds to your memories. It also plays a part in keeping Utah’s fishing scene vibrant for all4.


What are some of the top fishing spots around Jordanelle Reservoir?

Jordanelle Reservoir has great fishing spots. Try Hailstone for easy access and facilities. Rock Cliff offers a peaceful setting with wildlife.Ross Creek is the best for bass fishing and beautiful views.

What fish species can I expect to catch in Jordanelle Reservoir?

Expect a variety of fish in Jordanelle Reservoir. You’ll find Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, and several types of Trout. There’s also Kokanee Salmon, Walleye, Tiger Muskie, Hybrid Striped Bass, and Yellow Perch.

Can you give me some insider tips on the best fishing techniques to use at Jordanelle?

For trout, trolling with pop gear and a worm works well. Lure enthusiasts should try a Jackall Cross Tail Shad. Duo Realis Spinbait 80 is also effective.For beginners fishing from the shore, use nightcrawlers or PowerBait. These work best in spring and fall.

Are there any fishing regulations I need to be aware of before wetting a line at Jordanelle Reservoir?

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources sets fishing rules. They include seasonal restrictions and catch limits. It’s to protect Jordanelle’s ecosystem. Always check the latest regulations before heading out.

Where can I gear up for fishing at Jordanelle Reservoir?

Right gear is key for fishing success. Visit local shops for rods, reels, and seasonal gear. If unsure, ask for advice. They might recommend the Abu Garcia Spinning Reel or a Shimano Convergence Rod.

Are there fishing charters available at Jordanelle Reservoir?

Yes, there are fishing charters. Good for both beginners and those wanting local tips. Charters provide insight on spots, techniques, and stories.

Does Jordanelle host any fishing tournaments?

Jordanelle hosts tournaments that attract anglers from all over. It’s a chance to show your skills. Keep an eye on these events for competition and fun.

What kind of camping and accommodations can I find near Jordanelle Reservoir?

Options vary at Jordanelle. Hailstone has RV and tent sites. Rock Cliff offers walk-in campsites for nature lovers. Ross Creek has sites perfect for fishing and hiking fans. Choose what fits your outdoor style best.

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