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Picture yourself on a kayak in the sunny Florida Keys. The soft sun warms you as you move across the clear water. The ocean smells salty. Each stroke of your paddle makes a peaceful song. This is kayak fishing near key west at its peak. It’s an adventure that mixes the excitement of fishing with the calm of nature.In Key West, you can fish from a kayak in many ways. Maybe you want the thrill of key west offshore kayak fishing. Or, perhaps the quiet of key west inshore kayak fishing calls to you. You can also explore the hidden key west backcountry and key west flats. No matter what, this place offers something special. You can go with skilled kayak fishing guides key west. Or, choose kayak fishing charters key west to find the best spots for kayak fishing in key west. You’ll see beautiful places, from quiet mangrove islands to lively offshore reefs.

Key Takeaways

  • Kayak fishing in Key West offers a unique blend of adventure, serenity, and eco-friendly exploration.
  • Anglers can experience inshore, offshore, backcountry, and flats fishing from the convenience of a kayak.
  • Local guides and charters provide insider knowledge and access to the best fishing spots.
  • Key West’s diverse waters are teeming with a variety of sought-after fish species.
  • The peaceful nature of kayak fishing allows for a deeper appreciation of the area’s natural beauty.

Embark on a Kayak Fishing Adventure in Key West

In the Florida Keys, Key West offers an amazing kayak fishing adventure. It’s ideal for both keen anglers and nature lovers looking for something unique. Key west inshore kayak fishing and exploring the key west backcountry by kayak is something you won’t forget.

Discover the Thrill of Inshore Kayak Fishing

The calm waters around Key West are perfect for kayak fishing near key west. You can paddle through mangroves to find redfish, snook, and sea trout. Kayaks let you to get to places bigger boats can’t, for a peaceful fishing experience.

Explore the Backcountry’s Hidden Gems

By kayak, you can reach the key west backcountry and find hidden wonders. This includes quiet flats and mangrove islands. It’s a chance to see lots of marine life and find secret fishing spots.
Kayaking is quiet and lets you see rare fish without scaring them off. This makes key west inshore kayak fishing a memorable adventure. The backcountry is a special place full of various fish, offering a great fishing trip.

Key West Kayak Fishing: A Unique Experience

Kayak fishing in Key West is truly special. Here, anglers get to fish in remote places. These spots are hard for big boats to reach. It’s a calm sport, perfect for taking in all the nature around you. You can see wild animals and stunning views as you paddle.

Unmatched Access to Remote Fishing Spots

In Key West, you can fish in many cool places from your kayak. These include the backcountry, Fleming Key, Marquesas Keys, Key Largo, and spots with sunken ships and reefs. The backcountry is especially full of animals and very peaceful. You might see dolphins and sea turtles while you spots for kayak fishing in key west

Embrace the Serenity of Nature

Kayak fishing in the Florida Keys is kind to the environment. It’s quiet, since there are no motors, letting you be in nature without noise. Many fish types live here, like tarpon, permit, and more. It’s a great place for kayak fishing.There are lots of places to rent kayaks in Key West. They help people who love kayak fishing by providing everything they need. This includes guided trips and the gear. Fishing charters here are great. They offer the best kayaks, fishing gear, and expert guides to make your fishing trip wonderful.
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Guided Kayak Fishing Tours in Key West

If you’re keen on trying kayak fishing in Key West, look no further. Join a guided tour with expert kayak fishing guides. They bring top gear and know all the best spots and techniques. It makes for a perfect and easy fishing trip.During spring and summer, the need for kayak fishing charters grows in Key West. Warm water and clear skies draw in fish like bonefish and tarpon. This is the ideal time for kayak fishing guides to show off the area’s rich sea life.
You can book your spots for these tours easily by phone, email, or online. Randy Morrow is a standout kayak fishing guide. He will work with you to design a trip reflecting the beauty of Florida Keys.
The Bone Collector Kayak Fishing Charters, led by Capt Alex Tejeda with over 15 years of experience in South Florida waters, provides unique packages tailored to each client’s preferences. Anglers can expect opportunities to catch a variety of game fish, including bonefish, permit, tarpon, barracudas, and sharks.
Some kayak fishing charters don’t just stick to the sea. They extend into the Everglades harping on fish like snook, trout, and even peacock bass. It’s a thrilling adventure beyond the coast.
Fishing CharterGuideBoat SizeCapacityPrice
Marathon Premier FishingBrad40 ft1-6 people$950
Key Largo Offshore FishingJeremy35 ft1-6 people$1,000
Dawn To Dusk Key West Fishing TripBrad43 ft1-6 people$2,000
Everglades Inshore TripMark24 ft8 people$650
Tavernier Backcountry FishingBen18 ft1-3 people$450
Key West AdventureAndrew24 ft1-6 people$700
Legendary Fishing in Key WestChuck55 ft1-6 people$1,100
Key West Offshore ActionJohn33 ft1-6 people$1,000

Key West Offshore Kayak Fishing: Chasing Big Game

The waters of Key West have both inshore and offshore fishing. While the inshore offers great spots, the offshore is where you go for big game. It’s in the offshore waters that the real thrills of key west offshore kayak fishing are found. Here, you can take on the challenge of catching some of the most sought-after ocean fish.

Target Pelagic Species on the Open Waters

Out in the open ocean, the opportunities for fishing are vast. Your kayak takes you to where big fish like tuna, wahoo, and mahi-mahi are. These species are known for their strength and the fights they put up when caught. It makes kayak fishing here both exciting and unforgettable.

Explore Shipwrecks and Offshore Reefs

The waters near Key West hold more than open ocean challenges. They feature shipwrecks and reefs that attract many game fish. This kayak fishing near key west adventure lets you get close to where these fish hide. There, you can feel the thrill of a real battle with nature’s strong swimmers.Key West offshore kayak fishingIn these waters, you might use topwater lures or go deep with baits. Either way, you’re in for an adventure. With the right equipment and skills, you can catch some impressive fish. It’s a chance to experience the best that offshore fishing has to offer.
As the sun sets over the horizon, painting the sky in vibrant hues, you’ll find yourself in the midst of an unforgettable fishing experience. The thrill of fighting a hard-pulling pelagic or the excitement of hooking into a reef-dwelling monster will create memories that last a lifetime.

Key West Kayak Fishing

Key West is a top spot for those who love to fish from a kayak. It has many great fishing places only reachable by kayak. You can fish in calm flats, in mangrove forests, and out at sea on wrecks and reefs. There’s no limit to the thrilling key west kayak fishing adventures you can have.

Best Spots for Kayak Fishing in Key West

The Marquesas Keys and Boca Grande Key are standout places for kayak fishing. They are remote and untouched. These spots have clear flats, meandering waterways, and hidden mangrove islands. They are full of different fish that love the shallow waters.If you’re after big game, head to the Lower Keys. There, you’ll find patch reefs and sunken ships. These spots are home to tuna, wahoo, mahi-mahi, and more. You can also find a wide range of snappers and groupers in these areas.

Top Species to Target from a Kayak

The Key West waters are rich in sought-after gamefish. Fishing from a kayak is not only fun but also rewarding. Some of the key species to go after include:
  • Bonefish: These fast, elusive fish are a fantastic challenge for any angler.
  • Permit: Known as the “black ghost of the flats,” they are prized for their ability to avoid capture.
  • Tarpon: These majestic fish are an iconic catch for many, known for their massive size and wild jumps.
  • Snook: They hide among the mangroves, and catching one can make your day exciting.
  • Redfish: With their fight and taste, they’re a favorite among anglers.
  • Snappers and Groupers: Offshore, you can find various snappers and groupers, including sought-after types like red snapper and gag grouper.

Kayak Fishing Charters and Guides in Key West

To dive deep into the thrilling world of kayak fishing in Key West, think about joining a kayak fishing charter or working with a skilled kayak fishing guide. They know the best fishing spots, when to go, and the right methods to use. This knowledge can turn your trip into something amazing.

Local Expertise for an Unforgettable Experience

In Key West, kayak fishing guides have a lot of experience. For example, Captain Alex Tejeda has been kayak fishing for over 15 years in places like South Florida, the Florida Keys, and the Everglades. They share tips that can really help you catch fish.These guides know the area well. They can take you to great spots to see fish near the surface, fish in the shallow waters, or help you catch larger fish. You might also learn about the area’s history and fishing customs.

Customized Trips to Suit Your Needs

One great thing about a kayak fishing charter in Key West is you can choose what you want from the experience. It’s perfect whether you’re just starting out or you’re an expert fisher. You get a trip that’s just right for you.You can go on fun fishing trips in the Everglades or look for fish like bonefish, tarpon, and more in Biscayne Bay and the Florida Keys. The options are vast.
Randy MorrowPh: 305.923.4643 Email: Randy@LowerKeysKayakFishing.comMember of Jackson Kayak Fishing Team Over 130 permit catches Extensive experience with bonefish, redfish, and tarpon Eco-tours for all skill levels
Kayak fishing guides in Key West love what they do. They have a lot of local knowledge and skills. They’re your key to an amazing fishing adventure, no matter your level of experience.

Essential Gear for Key West Kayak Fishing

To enjoy the adventure of key west kayak fishing, the right gear is a must. It doesn’t matter if you’re new or experienced. One should have the right kayak and gear. This ensures safe, comfy, and fun fishing.

Kayaks Designed for Fishing

Fishing kayaks are made for stability and comfort. They come with built-in rod holders and space for your gear. Plus, they have high seats to see and fish better. You’ll find top brands like Hobie, Wilderness Systems, and Old Town ideal for key west kayak fishing.

Rods, Reels, and Tackle for Kayak Anglers

For fishing from a kayak, go for light and strong rods and reels. These should handle saltwater well. Match these with the right bait, lures, and leaders for your fish.
Essential Kayak Fishing GearDescription
Fishing KayakStable, with rod holders and ample storage
Rods and ReelsLightweight, saltwater-resistant, matched to target species
Live BaitShrimp, pilchards, or baitfish suited for local species
LuresTopwater, jigs, soft plastics, and more for various conditions
Leaders and LinesFluorocarbon or monofilament leaders, braided lines
Get the right kayak and gear to explore all that key west kayak fishing offers. This includes the flats, backcountry, and even offshore sites.

Tips and Techniques for Successful Kayak Fishing

To be successful at kayak fishing in Key West, use the right skills. You should know how to use live baits or lures well. Also, know about tides, currents, and what the fish you’re after like to eat. Keep quiet and move slowly to not scare the fish away. This can make a big difference in your fishing luck.For fishing barracuda, try using lures like MR18 Mirrolure, Yo-Zuri 3D Pencil, and gold spoons. When using these, act like a fish in distress. Lift your rod and move the lure like a hurt fish. It’s best to use light to medium spinning rods for catching fish like barracuda, permit, redfish, and sharks.Fishing from a kayak in Key West means you can get to many fishing spots. From the Budd Keys to Knockemdown Key, there’s a lot to explore. This variety means you can find your favorite fishing area. It ensures each trip is both fun and different.
The Keys show they love kayaking with brightly colored kayaks outside shops. Kayaking is becoming a top choice for fishing trips over power boats. It’s a trend that’s growing in the area.
  • Understand the tides and currents to fish in the best spots.
  • Learn about the habits of the fish you want to catch.
  • Move quietly and slowly to not disturb the fish.
With the right gear and local know-how, kayak fishing in Key West will be amazing. You’ll see a lot of sea life, perhaps blacktip sharks. Plus, the scenery is stunning. It’s a great way to spend your time on the water.


Key West kayak fishing is an amazing adventure. It lets you fully experience the stunning nature and rich sea life of the area. It’s great for both those who love fishing and for beginners alike. Here, you can explore clear waters, beautiful islands, and hidden fishing spots in your own time. And with so many types of fish to catch, like tarpon and snapper, there’s always something exciting to find.Places like the Marquesas Keys and Key Largo are perfect for fishing. In Key West, you can combine thrilling adventure with moments of peace. You fish in quiet, hard-to-reach areas surrounded by beautiful nature. It’s a unique fishing experience that brings you closer to the wonders of nature.This is the chance for an unforgettable journey. Experience the excitement of key west kayak fishing in one of the best fishing spots in the world. Key West has top-notch kayak rental options and skilled fishing guides ready to help. So, get ready for a day on the water you won’t soon forget.


What makes kayak fishing in Key West so special?

Kayak fishing in Key West is a special adventure. You can reach spots that big boats can’t. This means you get to enjoy peaceful nature and see lots of sea life.

What kind of fish can I target while kayak fishing in Key West?

In Key West, you can fish for many kinds of fish. In the calm waters, you’ll find redfish, snook, and sea trout. Offshore, you can catch tuna, wahoo, and mahi-mahi. Other targets are bonefish, permit, tarpon, snappers, and groupers.

Where are the best spots for kayak fishing in Key West?

Great kayak fishing spots in Key West are the Marquesas Keys and Boca Grande Key. You’ll also like the Lower Keys waters, the flats, and the backcountry. Don’t forget the mangroves and the offshore wrecks and reefs.

Should I hire a guide or go on a charter for kayak fishing in Key West?

It’s smart to hire a guide or charter, especially if you’re new. Guides know the best spots and when to go. They will make your trip amazing.

What gear do I need for kayak fishing in Key West?

You’ll need a fishing kayak with rod holders. Bring along strong but light rods and reels. Also, pack tackle for your fish, like live bait and lures. Don’t forget safety gear.

Are there any tips for successful kayak fishing in Key West?

Use the right techniques and understand the fish. Be quiet and avoid sudden movements. This will help you catch fish.

This post contains affiliate links.

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